How Does Profit Sharing Work?

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How Does Profit Sharing Work

A profit-sharing is a compensation program where you get a share of the percentage of the company’s profit. Depending upon your position in the company or the terms of employment, it can be with the salary or without it. All in all, you get the stipulated amount of the total profit registered by the organization in the financial year. So, How Does Profit Sharing Work? Is it a good idea to work on this term or stick to the salary? What are the important points to keep in mind? Let’s find out!
  • What Exactly is Profit Sharing?
It can work in multiple ways. The company can decide to give you a share of its profits monthly, fortnightly, or yearly, depending on the terms that were signed between you and the organization. However, this can be changed during a raise or you get a promotion. It can also be used to add to the existing salary as a part of the bonus.
  • How It Works?
Once the company starts to make a good deal of profit, it creates a pool and then the HR reimburses the profit part to the employees eligible for the same. It also depends on the factors like projects, new acquisitions, and sales that ultimately reflect on the profit of the brand. You will also have to keep the fact in mind that the companies can also update the plans from time to time. Also, profit-sharing mainly works in two ways – Cash and Deferred. In the cash system, the sum is paid directly to the eligible employee during the stipulated time period in the form of cash, cheque, or stocks. In the deferred system, the amount is credited to the employee at the time of his retirement.
  • What are the benefits?
The biggest advantage for an employee is the fact that he gets a feeling that he owns the part of the organization. This feeling is especially pronounced when the employee gets the payment in the form of stocks in the company. It motivates the employee, creating a sense of loyalty to the brand that also reflects in his work.

How Does Profit Sharing Work?

profit sharing working process

Above, we have covered all the major points that are directly or indirectly related to profit sharing. Below, we are going t highlight the main pointers for you.
  • Depending on the employee's strength, the company may have the profit-sharing program or it may not have. It entirely depends on the working structure.

  • Generally, only the top-level employees of the company get the chance to be qualified for profit sharing. So, if you are new to an organization that has a similar system on offer, we would highly recommend you to get all the details from the HR on the same.

  • Sometimes, it may also be dependent on performance factors. So the better your productivity will be, the better will be your chance to secure a spot for profit sharing.

  • However, if you are working as a team in a company and your performance is judged on the basis of the combined efforts that have been put up by the team, then as an individual employee, you may not end up qualifying for the profit sharing.
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