7 Most Productive and Entertaining Things to do in Quarantine at Home

Streaming gig and reading the books only scratch the surface. Here are other 7 productive and entertaining things to do in quarantine at home, stay safe.

Entertaining Things to do in Quarantine at Home

Life right now due to lockdown almost depends upon online activity. We meet old and new friends online. We read, watch, search, work and even play online. So during this quarantine do some productive and entertaining things to do at home, stay safe.

Trying out new things is an amazing way to help you learn and grow. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try some of the following Productive & entertaining things to do at home during coronavirus quarantine or lockdown:

1. Switch up morning routine

morning routine

A healthy morning routine can set you up for massive success the complete day. So don't delay, start consistent and beneficial change tomorrow morning. Some examples are: start the day with some exercise and drink lemon water first. Eat an organic and healthy breakfast and set the goals for the day.

2. Teach yourself something new and amazing

Teach yourself something new and amazing

During this lockdown, stay safe and healthy at home and teach something new and creative to yourself. It can be dance, a pottery class, or some new skills. Now the question arises How? Open the Internet: Search on YouTube, Google or any other search engine for the skill you are interested in. There’s a tutorial for each and everything these days! The best part is these resources are often free.

3. Play Board Games or design some yourself

Play Board Games

Take the complete advantage of this Coronavirus epidemic and go back to childhood and start playing again some indoor games with your family. Go back to the non-Internet age and live the full moment.

Undoubtedly, playing the most popular board games like carom, chess, monopoly, etc can be a fun time for all. But challenge yourself a little more and create your own Board Game. It will be fun to design and to play, learn the language and many curiosities about different games. Remember: learning has no age!

4. Learn a new language

During this lockdown period get yourself prepared for learning something new. Open the internet, search the tutorial for the language you want and start to learn the basics to make a quick conversation in the language you want. You can also start learning or train your self with some apps, like Busuu or Duolingo, or various other online courses. There are tons of free resources available!

5. Plan a Themed Movie Night

Due to quarantine, everyone at home is feeling depressed and bored. Plan a themed movie night and make your mood cheerful. Select a theme it can be based on anything such as movie, serial, gig, country, etc. there are tons of possibilities. It can be quite difficult to agree with all family members about the topic.

6. Read some good books

Read some good books

Some of you after reading this point will think why reading a book option be on this list? Well, I know reading a book is not something new, but reading a good book can be something different! Take benefits of all this free time in lockdown during the Coronavirus epidemic and make a great choice. Reading some new books is a super-effective way of getting to know different cultures better and learning about them quickly. There are many contemporary authors from Andalusia, especially from Malaga.

7. Utilize Coronavirus Lockdown time with these Personal Development ideas

 Personal Development ideas

Personal development is all about bringing out the best from you. It’s all about making incremental improvements on a daily basis and continuously leveling yourself up.
Check out these great productive and entertaining things to do for personal development during COVID-19 Lockdown:

  • Hone the talent you have. Find out what you’re good at and starting work to get even better.

  • Read a few personal development books. There are tons of amazing choices out there!

  • Do the goal setting.

  • Work on the weaknesses: Weakness can be defined as non-effective communicating skills, dirty handwriting, bad grammar or poor vocabulary and so on. Read some books for this or you may even try the online applications that help to overcome your weaknesses. Utilize the most of the time and turn your weakness into your strength.

  • Prioritize the things: Start prioritizing your things and make a list to do next. The things you are not going to do should also be noted down so as to bring effectiveness and creativity out of what you do.

  • Give a podcast a great listen. They’re superb to listen to while commuting, making dinner, or any other task you do.

  • Watch some motivational and inspiring TED Talks.

  • Write a letter to your future self. This will a lot in improving your vocabulary.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above article will help you in utilizing most of your time learning something new and helps you to do some fun things during this corona epidemic.

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