17 Best Apps All Bloggers Should Have On Mobile

Are you interested in writing and want to become an amazing blogger? Read here the 17 Best Apps All Bloggers Should Have On Mobile!

17 Best Apps All Bloggers Should Have On Mobile

As a blogger, I use a lot of apps on my phone. For example, I have a number of apps that I use regularly every day. These help me a lot in keeping track of my blog hours and various other blogging activities so it also helps me increase my reach. Curious about the 17 best apps all bloggers should have on mobile? Then read this blog.

Blogging is a great activity, it gives me the opportunity to do what I've always wanted to do: write. Blogging gives you freedom and you can spend more time on the things you've always wanted to do. With blogging, you have a very flexible schedule and you can also earn a nice income with it, while you can also keep your social life in order.

1. Canva

With a cell phone, we can alter photographs in a hurry and connect them to our blog entries either promptly or later in the future. Every once in a while, we may need to do some minor touch-ups on the photographs that we've taken and this is the place Canva comes in. It is the best app all bloggers should have. With this application, you can trim, alter, and resize your photographs, also include impacts, writings, and drawings onto them.

2. Trello


Trello is an extremely incredible program. With this program, you can make sheets for your blog, for instance. For instance, I put my post thoughts on such a board and I made a board for my arranging. In this way I share precisely what I need to in a day and what I need to wrap up. Trello is additionally totally free!

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is strongly suggested for bloggers who blog in English or mostly use English words or sentences. It is another great app all bloggers should use. Grammarly permits you to check your language, So you don't need to stress over spelling or syntax mistakes in the content.

4. WordPress


WordPress is without a doubt the most famous blogging application on the Internet. This application, made perfect with self-facilitated WordPress writes just as online journals facilitated on WordPress.com, permits you to perform numerous basic assignments, for example, making, altering and distributing blog entries, directing remarks, keeping an eye on investigation information just as distributing photographs or recordings taken with the camera on your cell phone.

5. Facetune

Facetune is an application with which you can make your photos more beautiful. Actually I only use the white teeth function in this program. And, I don't want whiter teeth, but I use this to whiten my backgrounds. Believe me, it works really well!

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another wonderful app all bloggers should use on their mobile to do the complete analysis of their site. This app helps you in providing the live analysis of your site. Tell you about the current status of the traffic source.

7. Blogger

Blogger is another well-known app that numerous individual bloggers use. In the event that you have a blog on Blogger, at that point, you should check out this application. In any case, the usefulness of this application is still exceptionally constrained when contrasted with the WordPress application, which is astonishing as Google itself is behind this authority application of their blogging administration

8. Word

I am often on the road and that is why I often use Word to type in my blog posts. Usually, I get inspiration when I am on the road and that is why this app is very important.

9. Harvest

This sounds a bit like a crazy app, but with Harvest, you can keep track of your hours. Very useful if, for example, you work with an hourly rate or just want to keep track of how many hours you spend on your blog. With the free version, you can create one project, but that is exactly enough if you only want to keep track of your blog hours.

10. VSCO

VSCO is an app that probably everyone knows, but it is actually a very handy app! You can use this app to apply different filters to your photos and you can also edit some things. I only use the free version of this app, but the paid packages are definitely on my wish list.

11. Fiverr

On the off chance that you need to independent notwithstanding blogging, it is ideal, to begin with, Fiverr. I need to state that Fiverr doesn't rake in boatloads of cash, yet I think this is an exceptionally pleasant approach to do some outsourcing. You likewise have an application for Fiverr and I monitor every one of my gigs, without overlooking anything.

12. iScanner

Every blogger has to scan something. Sometimes I get invitations who would like to scan, but that is not so easy with my printer. With this iscanner app, you can easily take a picture of what you want to scan and then get a very nice PDF file. This is a really great app all bloggers should use on mobile phones.

13. Writer

The writer is a stripped-down word processor that plans to take care of this issue by giving an interruption-free composing condition inside your cell phone or tablet so you can concentrate exclusively on making content substance with genuine feelings of serenity.

14. Social media apps

As a blogger who does not have social media apps on their phone, it really misses something. Social media is, of course, a must for bloggers and I cannot do without it. For example, I have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest on my phone. Pinterest, Quora, and Instagram are the apps I use the most.

15. Dictionary.com

Not secure with the specific importance of a word that you are going to place into your blog entry? Anxious to locate an elective word to use in your post? Need to know the importance of a word or expression utilized in remarks posted by your perusers? All things considered, Dictionary.com is the answer to all the above issues. The application is particularly helpful for bloggers that don't communicate in English locally.

16. SwiftKey Keyboard

This is a fantasy worked out an application for the individuals who are burnt out on errors and the little console fastens on your tablets or cell phones. SwiftKey Keyboard doesn't just auto-right your mistakes, yet it likewise offers word forecasts dependent on your past composing exercises. You can even customize the word forecasts by requesting that the console become familiar with your selection of words on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and blog entries.

17. Search Console

Last but not the least application all bloggers should use is the search console. This app monitors various activities of the website and helps you to resolve them.

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