15 Best and Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas

Are you looking for the fastest-growing and profitable manufacturing business ideas? Check out the list below to find the best business ideas to consider.

manufacturing business ideas

Manufacturing business ideas are easy to implement and do not require high capital. Thus it is a great idea to start a manufacturing business. The government also provides tax and various other benefits to many small and medium enterprises.

Manufacturing businesses can be categorized as low, medium, and large investment manufacturing business ideas. In this post, I will share a list of 15 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas that you can start.

1. Pencil Making

Pencil Making

Pencils are a very popular and common stationery item. Pencils are extensively used in the education sector. It is simple to make pencils and it can be generated in bulk as well. Pencil making machine is required along with wood and leads to produce pencils.

2. Incense Stick Manufacturing

Incense Stick Manufacturing

Incense Stick also called Agarbatti is next in the list of low investment manufacturing business ideas. Incense sticks are mostly used in India. It is almost found in every Hindu household, used of prayers and puja. Therefore, starting incense stick manufacturing is also a good business option.

3. Herbal Oil Manufacturing

Herbal Oil Manufacturing

Herbal Oil Manufacturing is a very low-cost and lucrative business idea. Hair fall, beauty, skin problems are very common nowadays. If you have the skills to make traditional recipes of herbal oil you can enter this business.

4. Disposable Plates

Disposable Plates

The demand for disposable plates is always high. Mostly in parties, function or various other events, disposable plates are in use. In addition to this, many street food vendors also use disposable plates. Looking at the increasing demand for disposable plates, opening a small scale manufacturing business for producing disposable plates can be very beneficial.

5. Candle Making

Candle Making

Candle making is one of the most lucrative home-based business ideas. Candles are used for religious purposes as well as a decorative item. Raw material such as mold, stearin, beeswax, etc is required for making candles. For bulk production you can buy readymade candle making machines.

6. Bread Making

Bread is one of the most commonly used foodstuffs. The main ingredients required for bread making are sugar, salt, flour, and other baking items. Various types of bread such as Pizza, Banana bread, Toast and many others can be manufactured. It is a great idea to use a bread making machine for producing bread. To maintain the quality of bread is very important in this business.

7. Furniture Making

Furniture Making

Furniture Making is the most profitable low-cost manufacturing business ideas on the list. Furniture making is an art, it includes tables, chairs, doors, wardrobes, etc. To start this business few manufacturing equipment and wood are required.

8. Smart Phone Cover Making

Smart Phone Cover Making

Smart Phone cover making is another creative and mazing business idea to execute. Smartphone cases are important phone accessories used for the protection of mobile. Almost every smartphone user purchase the cover for the protection of the phone. If you have the knowledge of making smartphone cases of various colors then you can rule the market.

9. Spice Powder manufacturing

Spice Powder manufacturing

Spice Powder making is a lucrative business idea with medium investment. The demand for spices in the domestic as well as in the international market is growing day by day. Some popular spices are Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, etc. For starting this business various machines such as grinding machines, impact pulverizer, pounding machines are required. The requirement of machines may vary based on species type.

10. Medical and Surgical Equipment making

Medical and Surgical Equipment making

The medical and surgical equipment-making business is another great option on the list. The use of medical and surgical equipment is on a very large scale in the medical field. If you are expertise and have complete knowledge about medical equipment you can opt for this business.

11. Imitation Jewelry Making

Imitation Jewelry Making

Imitation Jewelry making is a great manufacturing business idea. If you are new to jewelry making then go for the course. This business can be started from home and require just jewelry kit and a few other accessories.

12. Wallet and Purse Making

Wallet and Purse Making

Wallet and Purse making is next on the list. Wallet and Purse are made of leather. You need to purchase either readymade lather or manufacture lather along with purse. You need to buy a machine or making a wallet and purse.

13. Aluminum and Fiber Glass Door Making

Aluminum and Fibre Glass Door Making

The use of Fiber Glassdoor and Aluminum fitting is growing rapidly in everyday lives. You can start your own aluminum and fiberglass door making business if you have knowledge in this field. A cutting and fabrication machine is required for this business.

14. Toy Manufacturing

Toy Manufacturing

Toy manufacturing is a very creative and lucrative business option on the list with a medium investment. Toys come in a number of shapes, sizes, and designs. Firstly, select the types of toys you want to manufacture then start manufacturing.

15. Sports Equipment Making

Sports Equipment Making

The last business idea on the list is related to sports. It is about the manufacturing of sports-related indoor and outdoor goods such as a ball, bat, badminton racket, carrom, etc. If sports are popular in your country this business can lead to runaway success.


I hope the above article will help you in selecting a manufacturing business. Select the best manufacturing idea based on your experience, skill, and investment required.

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