13 Best Recycling Business Ideas to start in 2020

Are you planning to start some new business? Read this article to know the most valuable and fruitful recycling business ideas and opportunities that you can start!

 recycling business ideas

Recycling Business is a venture that not only helps you to earn money but also helps to saves the environment. Recycling is the method of transforming waste stuff into new useful material. It is like making something creative and the best out of waste. The main idea behind this business is to reduce pollution and help mankind.

In our day to day lives we use numerous things and directly or indirectly create infinite waste. The waste generated by us is usually discarded at a junkyard. By making use of this unused waste a lot of money can be earned.

There are a number of recycling business ideas that help you to make money and earn a lot of profit. However, you require the right skills and little manpower to start these kinds of businesses. If you are eager to start the recycling business, here is a list of the best 13 recycling business for you.

1. Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking oil recycling is one of the most easiest and simplest in all business ideas. Recycling takes away all the impurities from the used cooking oil so that it becomes fresh once again. By offering this service to the clients, as part of the process they can have their used cooking oil taken away and will purchase the recycled cooking oil from you.

2. Electronic waste recycling business

Electronic waste recycling business

Electronic waste recycling is also termed as e-waste or e-scrap. In day to day life, people use numerous electronic stuff such as laptops, refrigerators, mobile, etc. Once the lifespan of these components is over it is thrown, which is known as electronic scrap. These things contain important and valuable metals such as lead, cadmium, silver and many others. In this kind of business, you need to excerpt these metals and sell them. Sometimes these elements contain very hazardous and toxic material so be careful while dealing with e-waste. The electronic waste recycling business is a very good option to execute with a number of future opportunities.

3. Construction waste

Construction waste

Construction waste is one of the most amazing recycling business ideas to start. A waste produced as a result of construction work is called as construction waste. This waste contains a lot of material such as steel, wood, tiles, brick, gypsum, tar and various other which can be used to make many items. Recycling of the construction required machinery such as crushers, waste shredders, etc. You can earn a lot of penny with the construction waste business.

4. Recycling Printer Cartridges

printer waste

Printer Cartridge is a kind of electronic waste. It can be reprocessed or reused after filling. In some cases, this is given back to OEM. For recycling or refilling printer cartridge you require a lot of skills and enough manpower. It is an evergreen and great business option with a lot of potentials.

5. Wood & Glass Recycling

Wood & Glass Recycling

Wood and glass recycling is another great profitable option in the list for recycling business ideas. This work starts with sorting out the different kinds of wood, glass and other materials. Once the sorting of these substances gets complete, a crusher or mills is required to crush it. When it gets converted into raw material you can produce new goods. This process requires quality inspection, skills and manpower.

6. Biomedical Waste Recycling

Biomedical Waste Recycling

Starting biomedical waste recycling is a great skill and manpower. Correct disposal of medical waste prevents the spread of various diseases and infections. Biomedical waste can be categorized into multiple types such as pharmaceutical, biohazardous, radioactive and plastic. The process of sterilizing, melting and reusing is done in order to recycle this waste.

Note: All biomedical waste cannot be recycled, only the waste made of plastic can be recycled and this business requires the license and approval from the government.

7. Fertilizer Making from Waste

The waste generated from the household stuff can be used for making compost and fertilizer. Start a collection center for the assortment of waste, sort out the waste between dry and wet waste. Land or space is required for biological decomposition of waste. After the process is over, waste is converted into compost or fertilizer. This work can be started from a small space and once it grows expand it.

8. Paper recycling

Paper recycling

Paper is widely used all over the world. Once the work of paper or notebook is over it is thrown as waste. In paper recycling business you need to convert waste paper into new goods. There are a number of low-cost paper recycling plants available in the market. You can purchase the one or develop your own method for paper recycling.

9. Battery recycling

Battery recycling

The battery contains heavy metal and harmful chemicals. There is a huge risk in throwing or disposing of batteries. In the battery recycling process first break the batteries. This can be done via crusher or hammers. when the battery is broken, sort out material from it. The material obtained will be plastic, lead and acid. The plastic with the melting process takes some new form. The lead can be melted and used in some other batteries. The acid is processed and converted to powder which is used for the manufacturing of other things. You can earn a lot of money through a battery recycling business.

10. Plastic waste

Plastic waste

Recycling of used plastic waste is one of the amazing recycling business ideas. In this business, collect or sort out plastic waste and recycle it. Machinery is required for the melting of plastic and transforming into new shapes to reuse it. It is a great business option with a lot of potentials.

11. Buy & Sell unused Items for recycling

Buy & Sell unused Items for recycling

Buying and selling unused items for recycling is another great option in the list. This business can be started without any investment or a very low amount. Start the business by collecting unused items, sort out items by sending it for recycling. Once it gets recycled, sell it again. This business can be started online as well.

12. Scrap Gold

This business can be one of the most profitable among all recycling business ideas. Gold gets melted easily, it is malleable and does not lose its purity even after used repeatedly. Also, gold recycling is cheaper and better for the environment than mining.

13. Textile Recycling Business

Textile Recycling Business

In the textile recycling business, used and weary clothes can be recycled for later use. Some of them can be reused by making little changes while others require recycling. These textiles are first separated based on type, then are broken into pieces. The next step is recycling these stuff into small threading of multiple colors. Later by these yarn one can manufacture different varieties of textiles. There are various types of clothes such as cotton, polyester, nylon, georgette, and many more which can be recycled and used again.


I hope the above recycling ideas will help you to start the venture. There is a huge opportunity in recycling, all you need to do is to create a profitable business plan before you begin.

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