11 Amazing Business Ideas for Women with low investment

Do you want to become an entrepreneur and thinking of starting a business of your own? Check out our shortlist of 11 amazing business ideas for women with low investment!

Women nowadays are no longer backward than men. In today's time, they are ruling many international business groups and firms all over the world. They have the full ability to become a very successful entrepreneur but the road to success is the correct business ideas for women with low investment.

Here is the list of many unique business ideas for women like you. You can select one that you might think could be best.

1. Food Service Business

Most of the women have amazing cooking skills. They are passionate about making delicious dishes. One of the most suited and relevant business ideas for women is a food service business. If you love to cook tasty meals then no one can stop you from becoming a successful food entrepreneur. Your expertise will help you in running the cuisine work.

To begin with all you need is some small space for cooking and serving if you’re not planning to have an online food service. You can cook anything in which you are an expert or one that has the most demand in your area. There can be a number of cuisine ideas which you can start.

2. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor

Women know the importance of charm and so this can be a good business idea. Also, this reason has proven to be one of the most successful business ideas for women. If you have a little amount of currency and unable to fulfill your basic needs then you can quickly start your business just after having some beauty training. Girls who are not studying further after high school can also give it a try.

Starting a beauty parlor in a busy market can make you generate good revenue. Initially, you’ll need to invest some money. The chances of a successful beauty parlor can be guessed after having a look at the plan you made.

If you have a very less budget and want to start the parlor from home, you could give it a start. But as soon as you become stable, think of expanding your business by putting more penny, buying new and advanced equipment and hiring qualified staff.

3. Tutor


Teaching can be another of the best home-based business idea for women. You can start with either a vacant room in your home for students or opt home tuitions. If you teach a bunch of students at your place, you will have to charge less and also need to get a good number of students to make a decent income.

On the other hand, if you opt for home tuition, you may charge high and can earn sufficient money from a couple of students. Also, another option to consider is online tutoring. It is a trending and a very great business idea and many teachers are choosing it over traditional teaching. Unlike home-based coaching, online tutoring is quite easy to start.

4. Fitness Club

Fitness Club

Starting a fitness club can be another profitable business, as many people opt for yoga or gym to keep themselves healthy. If you know this art then you can teach it to others and can earn money out of it.

If you have little investment in your bank account or can arrange money from your family then establishing a fitness club is a golden opportunity for you. There is no compulsion of having a studio, you can start from your home. It is a wonderful business idea for ladies sitting at the house. By providing this service you not only earn money but also keep yourself busy in a healthy activity.

At the beginning of the training classes, you won’t earn a big amount but as soon as your center becomes popular and a good number of students join it, you’ll start getting sponsorship too. This can be a one-time investment business later which will be quite profitable.

5. Boutique


The fashion industry is at a boom nowadays. Having a boutique is not only a creative but also a very fruitful idea. The number of purchasers in such stores is increasing day by day. There is very strong competition in this sector because many small and big brands have their own customization stores in various areas. But if you are an expert in making latest design and able to give a range of variety, then this idea will give you a lump sum amount.
Having a huge investment or a fancy infrastructure is not necessary. You can start it right from your house and later opt for a beautiful place in market area.

6. Blogging


Blogging is the art of making money from ads and various affiliates programs. It is one of the best and creative business ideas for women to start work from home. The amazing part is that you can work flexibly as per your wish.

This is the most profitable business which women can start. Many “stay at home” moms and housewives are making in the range of $500 to $20K every month. now the only question is how to begin?

All you need is to build a website or portal and write articles about anything you like. For Website development you can take the help of Reliable Digital Media firm. Once you are able to bring enough visitors every month, you’ll start earning. Initially, it will gonna take some time to start earning but you’ll learn a lot of new things related to this field if you haven’t already. So, get your self to prepared to research and make a good plan before jumping into it.

7. Photography


Are you fond of photography? Maybe, there is a hidden photographer inside you but you haven’t taken it seriously but have you ever considered photography to earn money from? Believe me, if you know the art of photography then it is something that can surely pay you significantly.

You can easily start it by just purchasing a camera with its accessories. There is a lot of cameras available in the market which have stunning quality images and excellent performance.

When you establishing the business, you need to build a portfolio of your business. Initially, look for the local customers who might want your help with photographs at events such as weddings, engagements, parties, and other special occasions. You can also use social media platforms to let more people know about your photography services. Make a Facebook page and an Instagram profile to upload high-quality images taken by your camera.

There seems to have various other options to opt for once you’re in the business:
You may offer your services to the real estate agents who want pictures of their new listings for their sites. Also Submit your pictures to magazines and press. E.g. The Sun Magazine. Another option is to upload your pictures to online photography sites and get paid. For example, pixabay.

8. Gift Shop

Gift Shop

This is one of the most creative and alluring business ideas that doesn’t need any expertise, the only thing is to know how to wrap things in different glowing papers. Only you need to research the internet and notice facts like- Trending gift items and most importantly is what customers can buy. Because if you live in an area in which people are not much educated then selling the high rate things in trend items to them would be quite difficult. So keep in mind to always sell items that are most likely to be sold in your area.

If you know some art, then make gift items of your own and sell them online through websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Also, another way is to start own e-store with very little investment and can sell your pieces of stuff worldwide.

9. Soap Making

Soap Making

If you have the skills of making handmade soap and planning to manufacture a product on a large scale, soaps and various related products can be a great choice. Keep in mind to formulate soaps as per the formula.

Once the product is ready and packed, it’s time for selling in the market. You make take the help of social platforms, Run ads campaign on TV, newspaper, etc. The traditional marketing tactics, including banners, flyers, and door to door campaign may also be useful.

Make the products available in cosmetic shops, spas, boutiques, e-commerce stores, wholesale markets. The easier it becomes for the people to buy, the better and profitable it will be. If your soap quality is good then you’ll find many loyal customer base soon.

10. Interior Decoration Store

Interior Decoration Store

Many women have a creative sense of designing and furnishing the interior of homes. If you are one of them who keeps the house clean and beautifully decorated. This skill can be your cash cow because you easily open a store where you can sell this kind of a wide range of decorative items. Your knowledge will help you in getting great business from your clients.

You can also opt for the interior designing course from any institution and can become a certified interior designer which will help you in polishing your skills. A certificate on the wall of your office will undoubtedly trigger the customer to buy some great stuff from you or may hire you as a designer.

11. Start a Laundry Business

Start a Laundry Business

Laundry business is one of the most profitable small business ideas for women and is suitable for active and physically fit females. If you’re ready for enough physical work then laundry business is perfectly suitable for you.

Laundry is ongoing housework, but not everyone has time to do it due to this reason people are paying money for it.

If you’re planning to start this business make sure you conduct comprehensive research because it might not work in some places. For example, many people in small towns would prefer doing their own laundry, in that case, it can’t be successful.

Point to remember is look for places near schools, hostels, offices, and other institutions where most of the folks will need laundry services.


I hope this article is useful for you and after reading this you got to know everything which needed to start your new journey. Business is all about researching, creating and improving. Everyday world changes and one needs to change according to it as well. These above ideas may be life-changing. Happy entrepreneurial journey!

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